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Phone & Email Costs, Carrier Fees,
& A2P Registration

Please Go To "Company Billing" To View Your Payment Method, Edit Your Payment Method, And Edit Your "Auto Recharge" Settings:

What are the phone costs associated with Agent CRM?

- Making Calls: $0.032/minute

- Receiving Calls: $0.019/minute

- Text Messages: $0.018/sms segment (please see this LINK for an SMS segment calculator)

*Phone rates may change at any time. Review here for current fees.

Carrier Fees

For every SMS sent, there is a corresponding carrier fee that is passed from the carrier. The cost is determined on a carrier-by-carrier basis. For example, if you are sending to a customer who has AT&T as their carrier, it will be different than if they have T-Mobile, etc. Here are the carrier fees you can generally expect per SMS:

- AT&T: $0.01/sms segment sent

- Verizon: $0.01/sms segment sent

- T- Mobile: $0.02/sms segment sent and received

- US Cellular: $0.02/sms segment sent

- All other carriers: $0.02/sms sent

* After July 1st, 2023 you will experience an additional temporary carrier charges increase until you are registered with The Campaign Registry (TRC). To find out more about TRC and registration, click here.

Additional campaign registration charges will apply based on your registration type. Go to Settings > Phone Number > Trust Center and follow the listed steps to find a breakdown based on your case.

What are the email costs associated with Agent CRM?

- Emails: $0.0015/email
- Email Verification: $0.00575/Verification ($10 gets you 1,740 email verifications)

*Email rates may change at any time. Review here for current fees.

Phone Registration:

In 2023, new industry regulations were rolled out by phone carriers in an effort to reduce spam rates. The carriers banded together to form a regulatory process to register and monitor (and if necessary, restrict) how businesses communicate through messaging services. This regulation is known as A2P10DLC (Application to Person 10-Digit Long Code). Registration has been previously available, but will now be mandatory in the US if you wish to use messaging services.

You must "Register" your account. Starting July 5th, 2023, your text messages will eventually start to fail if you do not register, and after August 31st, you will no longer be able to send messages. Phone registration fees will fluctuate depending on your use case and sender reputation. Registration will ensure better deliverability.

Agent CRM has invested in a streamlined process for registration. You can now register your phone account directly through your account using Trust Center.

Find Trust Center under Settings > Phone Number > Trust Center. To ensure compliance and tips for registration, click the button below for a tutorial on how to use this tool or join us for a live call.

To ensure approval of registration, review the training linked above, or review A2P best practices.

Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions:

What if I don't want to pay for calls or texts?

No problem, you still have access to all of the other features of Agent CRM! The phone system is an optional tool inside of Agent CRM that you do not have to use if you don't want to.

How many phone numbers can I purchase?

Theoretically, you may add as many numbers as you wish, however to register multiple numbers with The Campaign Registry, you will be required to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and go through Standard Registration. Sole Proprietor registration (for those without an EIN) will not enable you to use additional numbers.

Additionally, you sender registration is no longer linked to your phone number, and your deliverability rates will be impacted by positively or negatively by your sender reputation.

How often will I get charged for sending out texts/calls?

You control this based on your settings and how much you text/call. To control this, navigate to the "company billing" section and edit the "auto recharge with" and the "when balance is lower than" settings.

Can I change the payment method of how I am getting charged?

Yes, and we have made it so easy! Simply click on settings, then navigate to "company billing" and change your card on that screen. You can also change the auto recharge settings.

Does this have any effect on my monthly subscription?

This has nothing to do with your monthly subscription. Paying for your texts/calls and paying for your monthly subscription are completely separate things. If you need to update the payment method for your monthly subscription, please CLICK HERE.

Why do I have to register my number?

The new A2P10DLC registration was set up to protect consumers from scammers and other entities that abuse the telephone system. One of the ways that they are making sure they can catch and eliminate “bad players“ is to register, monitor, and if necessary limit how business send SMS communications. The number of text messages sent per day is a limit that is imposed per business per account.

Please review this page for best practices. If you have followed the steps, and registration has still been rejected, please submit a support ticket below.

Why do I have to pay to register?

These fees originate from mobile carriers in order to register and monitor your brand. Our service provider passes this fee on to us, so we are simply passing this fee on to you. This is a new US regulation imposed by phone carriers, and will be required regardless of what CRM or SaaS program you use. Agent CRM has provided the tools to easily register, and is not making any profit from brand or campaign registration fees.

What if I need to do a registration, but don't want to?

Using SMS messaging for nurturing campaigns, appointment reminders, and communication with your contacts is a powerful tool to grow and manage your business. After August 31st, 2023 your business will no longer be able to communicate via SMS without this registration.

How many users can I have on my account?

You can add as many users as you would like. However, we strongly recommend keeping the amount of users in your account at a minimum. Too many users will cause your account to become overwhelming and messy. If one user does something weird, it could affect all of your users. We would recommend that you simply tell the additional users to get their own account. You can even have them sign up using your affiliate link so you can get paid! HERE is the link to join our affiliate program if you haven't already.

What does A2P mean?

Application To Person Messaging. You can learn more HERE.

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